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Lavender Community Integration Services is founded on the principles of quality and meaningful programming for adults with disabilities, designed and implemented by a former special education teacher.


Jessie’s vision is safe and affordable supervision for adults with disabilities who may need part time or full time care during the work week, while also providing programming that builds upon each client’s strengths and abilities to improve each individual’s independence and quality of life.


Community activities/ experiences are carefully chosen and created to enable individuals to experience their community at any level of involvement that makes each person most comfortable, all while participating with other clients to add more social opportunities every day, versus isolation at home.


At Jessie's House Day Program, individuals not only get to experience their community, they also get to enhance and contribute, such as taking part in volunteering opportunities, as well as creating and/or running community events.

Due to Covid-19, LCIS has reorganized our programming to provide quality, safe services for all staff and friends we serve.   Please click on our Services tab to learn more of what programs are being offered, as well as the Covid-19 tab to see our current safety measures we have put in place to ensure the safety of our staff and friends.

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