We serve individuals using the following waivers:

  • Consolidated
  • Person/ Family Directed Support
  • Community Living
  • Adult Autism
  • *We also have personal pay options


Community Participation Support:

Meaningful community integration has always been the main focus of Jessie’s House.  While teaching, Jessie saw the longing of her students to live meaningful, typical lives.  She also saw the joy in her students when they were together.   Combining the two, Jessie has created programming that allows each individual to decide their level of community involvement while also getting to interact with friends daily at the center.  Individuals can decide to go to community choices for the day with others or on their own.


Jessie’s House also strives for more meaningful community involvement.  The center will offer the typical trips to the YMCA and grocery store; however, we are always looking for ways to advocate for those who may have a disability.  We do this by providing our clients the chance to naturally display their ABILITIES throughout our community.  For example, one focus of the center is to develop programming FOR the community allowing our clients the opportunity to run, create or just assist a community event or program our center develops. Daily activities are always offered at our center for any client who may be interested.


In Home and Community Supports:

Jessie’s House is now licensed to also provide supports within and out of the home.  This support involves a staff member coming to your home and assisting your loved one in gaining as much independence as s/he chooses.  This service also involves going out into the community, should the client choose to do so.  This is a great first step for individuals and/ or their family members who may be apprehensive about going out into the community.  Our staff will never force anyone to go out of their home, but sometimes a client is more willing to try something new when they know they have the understanding and support they need from their daily caregiver.  The individual may then continue with this service or, if the client finds they want more socialization, can then start attending Jessie’s House on a part time or full time basis when they are ready.


Coming soon:

Local Pick- up and Drop-off Transportation Services:

Currently, we are waiting on licensing to provide transportation to and from our program.  This is a service that will be provided for individuals living within a certain radius from our center.  At this time we currently provide transportation during our programming hours throughout the community for clients to attend activities and events during the day.



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