Vision & Mission

Person-Centered Focus

Each individual’s desires, ambitions and visions for their life are at the forefront of our community choices and engagement.  Individuals participate in the planning and implementation of our programs within our centers, as well as within our communities.  This means each individual is treated with respect and their thoughts matter and drive our activities and choices.  Our vision is that each individual reaches their desired level of independence and that through encouragement and building trust, each member of our programming feels safe and confident to explore every option they deem interesting or meaningful.


Meaningful Community Engagement

Community engagement should be based on quality programming and prepared opportunities that have been cultivated by LCIS to allow for deeper and more meaningful engagement for those we serve.  Volunteer opportunities should be explored and community relationships should be appreciated and respected to hold meaningful opportunities between LCIS and our community partners to ensure purposeful community engagement is always available.


Although, typical day program activities will/ can be included in our activities, a focus on activities that encourage personal growth and community friendships are readily available and encouraged.


Community Betterment and Education

Our community is built upon contributing and engaged community members who have opened their doors to our programming and those who we serve.  It is our vision that LCIS will be able to better the community by sharing our friends’ gifts and abilities.  We hope to demonstrate these gifts and abilities through meaningful community programming which enable us to provide activities, fundraisers and events for the people of the surrounding areas, but also allows for us to advocate for our friends and educate our community on the abilities and contributions of our friends who benefit from our programming.



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