Waivers & Funding

Most of our client’s have found us through family, friends or a support coordinator.  For those of you who may be new to the state waivers process, we encourage you to first contact a local support coordinator who will direct you on how to receive waiver funding and the supports available to you based on your or your loved-ones needs.  There are quite a few support coordination agencies within each county.  A list can be found on the HCSIS website under the link titled Program Links located at the bottom of the home page.  After choosing the Services and Supports Directory you will find a page that asks you to specify your search by categories such as by county or service type.

Once you have a support coordinator and have been approved for waiver funding, your support coordinator will then provide you assistance in finding the best type of program.  Good luck!


We serve individuals using the following waivers:

  • Consolidated
  • Person/ Family Directed Support
  • Community Living
  • Adult Autism

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