Why Jessie's House

Jessie’s House is founded on the principles of quality and meaningful programming for adults with disabilities, designed and implemented by a former special education teacher.


Jessie’s vision is safe and affordable supervision for adults with disabilities who may need part time or full time care during the work week, while also providing programming that builds upon each client’s strengths and abilities to improve each individual’s independence and quality of life.


Community activities/ experiences are carefully chosen and created to enable individuals to experience their community at any level of involvement that makes each person most comfortable, all while participating with other clients to add more social opportunities every day, versus isolation at home.


At Jessie’s House, individuals not only get to experience their community, they also get to enhance and contribute, such as taking part in volunteering opportunities, as well as creating and/or running community events.


We are a family away from family!  We cook and eat our meals family style, sitting together at a table to enjoy our meal and nice discussion.  We also offer opportunities to help in the kitchen with the meals for further life skills practice.  All programming and activities, whether at our house or in the community, are completely the client’s choice.  Multiple choices are given for each day.  Each of our clients gets to decide if they will take part in some, all, or no activities; completely up to each individual we serve.


Our dedicated staff are trained and have the experience needed to provide respectful, person-centered care.  As we focus on working with adults, we concentrate on providing care as a family, allowing for each individual to feel they are an equal part of Jessie’s House; your loved one matters!  We are not a school and we strive to make sure our clients do not feel they are being treated as a student.  With this said, we do offer programming for continued instruction in reading and math, as well as other life skills and even pre-vocational skills to assist any individuals who may be looking to improve their independence and increase each person’s involvement within the community.

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