Lavender Community Integration Services was started on the principal of meaningful community integration with a person-centered focus for all individuals served.  This means that the individual’s interests, ambitions, goals, as well as the individual’s right to a predictable yet flexible schedule are all considered when planning out the monthly community activities at Jessie’s House Day Program.


Our mission is to advocate for all those we serve by assisting our friends to become a part of their community to whatever extent they are most comfortable, as well as to enhance the surrounding communities by introducing them all to the abilities and strengths of each of our friends; to show the community that not only are each of our friends members of the community, but also contributing, thriving members of society who can truly enhance and better a community.  We are here to break barriers and to tackle stigmas!

Independence is also at the forefront of our programming.  As a natural desire of any person, many of our friends are looking for ways to increase their independence.  LCIS assists our clients in ways of improving and strengthening executive functioning skills to increase vocational opportunities, as well as life skills such as money management and improving reading ability.

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